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The bank is where all of your money is stored.

Transfering Cash

Here you can transfer any of the money stored in your bank to another player. Just type the name of the player and the amount you want to transfer

Anonymous Transfers

To transfer money to an anonymous person, you need their anonymous key. The anonymous transfer feature is used most often via IRC if a person does not want to be made known to the public. Another instance is if someone is collecting donations - they like to give the option to donate anonymously. To use the anonymous transfer feature just paste the anonymous code of the person you are transferring to in the 'to' section. This will send them the money Anonymously. You can also receive anonymous transfers simply by giving out your anonymous key.

Transaction Register

You will notice that below the cash transfer option you can view your transaction register. This will show all recent bank transactions and crewleader tributes. If you want to know your bank history further back, you may export it to a .csv file and view it in Excel or some other spreadsheet program. The transaction register is a great way to track your where your money goes.


In the game, many leaders require you to tribute money to them. The Pay Tribute button is the way to do this. If you simply send money to your crewleader, it will not count towards your total earnings. To send countable tribute to your leader just type in the amount you wish to tribute and click 'Pay Tribute'

Local Banks

Local banks are only accessible when you are in the city they are opened. You can use these local banks to store small amounts of cash in case you lose your money and are stranded in a city, or for any other number of reasons. Mainly, local banks store money earned by your Associates. When your associate is in a city and earns you some money - it will automatically be deposited in the local bank of whatever city they are located in

Western Union

If you have purchased the Timers Packagae, you can choose to pay 5% of the amount in the local bank and have it transferred directly to your Federal Account. This is good for if you are low on funds and need the money from your local accounts right away.