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The Invites tab gives the crew leader information about sent invites. It will let them know the date that the invite was sent, who it was sent to, the member that sent the invite, and whether the invite was accepted or not. There is also the option to delete any of the invites from the bored and retract an invite sent from the crew leader or a member of that crew.
==Mass Mail==
==Mass Mail==

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Crew Management is where you can see specific details about your crew, and is an extremely useful tool for crew leaders, who can manage the specific details of their crew here. The basic outline of the front page gives you information about the name of your crew leader, right hand man, and left hand man. It also shows you the tax rates, pay day option, and total earnings from within the crew.


The first page to the Crew management menu is a list of members. If you're a crew leader, this is your page to manage the specifics about your crew and the people within it. There's a column that gives you a list of all the members in the crew and gives you a symbol of whether the individual has wack authorization, bg wack authorization, sponsorship rights, and whether that individual has their sponsorship icon on or off. If you click on the name, you can go see their profile or leave a note that can be seen by just yourself, or your right hand and left hand man.

Next to the name it shows the member's rank, along with how many units they currently have been accounted for. There will be a + next to the rank if that person is eligible for a promotion, which must be done manually.

Then it shows the location (city and district) of the member, earnings, days old, a date of the last time the member was active, and a date of the last time that member has sent up a tribute.

Past that information gives you a drop down box of actions that you may or may not use on the member. With this action option, you have the choice to do any of the following: Promotion/demotion, take gun/give gun, drop from crew, HQ wack (kill), transfer (for Godfathers only), mail, or give sponsorship rights.

Also on this page, and all the others, you may send out invites to members to join your crew.

Tax Rates

As a crew leader, you can set the tax rates for your family, or by each individual member. There's an option to set a default tax for the whole crew, or you can distribute the tax percentages as you see fit through particular members. You may set tax rates on petty, felony, organized crime, drug sell, and drug front property. Aside from setting taxes, you can see information on each member that regard the taxes, including the following: Total taxes paid, donations, cash from voting, and then the total from all the following categories. There is also a column that informs of you the last time that member has paid their taxes, along with a option to view all transaction history involving that member and their particular tax.


The Taxes tab is where you can see how much in taxes that you owe. If you're a crew leader, you'll see that you owe the current godfather of that district a tax, along with a tax that you must pay the mayor of the city. Crew members will see how much they owe in taxes to their crew leader, and it will compare how much has been paid up to that point in time to what the debt that you currently owe.

It should noted that failure to pay the taxes could come with serious consequences. Failure to pay the mayor tax could get you put in jail for outstanding debt. Failure to pay your crew leader or godfather could have consequences that is completely under their control.


This tabs gives you an idea of who is voting in your crew and how much money is being made from those votes. The voting tab gives you a list of their members and their number of votes that roll over for a short extended period of time. It give syou an idea of their game activity and compares it to the amount of votes they have done on a short basis. The tab also shows you the honesty of the members who are voting and whether they are entering the capche properly or taking shortcuts, which do get flagged. Along with a percentage of honesty, the tab includes the amount of money earned from the crew voting. Underneath all this info, it gives you the totals and averages of all the categories listed.

Activity is determined by a game-wide average over the last month. Honesty is rounded to the nearest 5% and requires a minimum of 30 votes to be calculated. Earnings are in the format of "Members Personal Earnings \ Earnings for Crew Leader".


The armory is the place where you can purchase a gun in exchange for credits. You must be ranked goomba or higher to use the armory, and isn't available for thugs or gangsters. If your crew doesn't currently own an armory, it can be purchased from this tab. It costs 10 credits to buy the armory for 30 days, and it costs 5 credits to fill the armory, or you can relinquish your gun to the armory vault, but you can only do that over a certain number of days. If you have an armory, guns are produced whenever your members do over a certain amount of petties, or refilled for 5 credits.

HQ Forts

The HQ Forts tab shows each level of fortification, cost of fortification, status, and cost of repair if it has been damaged or destroyed. HQ Fortifications protect you from attackers if you don't own over "X" amount of bodyguards. If you have under "X" amount of bodyguards, then the HQ Forts will protect you from an attacker that has under "X" amount of kills. The forts only protect you if you're in your home city and don't provide protection if you aren't in that city.

Crew members have the opportunity to contribute to the fort fund through this tab. The fortifications will increase from Fortified to the max of Insanely Well Fortified, depending on how many of the 15 fortifications you own. The total amount of cash it takes to max the HQ Fortifications is $11,700,000. This tab does log your name, amount contributed, and when you contributed, if you choose to not do it anonymously.


The Jobs Board is where you can manage your Job Role Play Texts and get them situated in the manner that fits whatever message the crew leader is wanting to give to interested recruits. After you read through the tutorial, it will allow you to perform jobs for the crews that allow them. On this tab of the Crew Management page, it shows information about the most recent available prospect, jobs they've done, money made from performing your jobs, and whether they are still available to be recruited. For recruits to be able to perform jobs, there must be money in the vault that will cover their wage (and slowly increase) per job. You're able to do the jobs in whatever format you like, or don't do them at all, the choice is up to the all parties involved.

Auth Request

The Auth Requests tab informs the crew leader whenever a member has requested authorization to wack or bodyguard wack someone. It will tell the crew leader who the member intends to make an attempted wack on, along with a reason for wanting the authorization. Crew leaders are also able to grant their members permanent wack authorization through this tab, which will label the member on the "Members" tab, and inform the crew leader whenever the member uses the permanent auth and who the intended attack was upon.


The Perks tab shows the crew leader which members have the following perks: Timers (30 days), timers (15 days), petty perk, felony perk, attack perk, cleanup perk, jail perk, travel perk, VIP forum, and FBN Agents. At the bottom, it calculates how many members have the perk and compares it to the amount that doesn't for each category.

Crew leaders are able to buy certain perks for members of their crew through this tab, and it labels the perk in red whenever the member has lost that perk. The members must open this perk and accept it for the perk to be obtained. Otherwise, it goes to the gifts section for future use.


The Invites tab gives the crew leader information about sent invites. It will let them know the date that the invite was sent, who it was sent to, the member that sent the invite, and whether the invite was accepted or not. There is also the option to delete any of the invites from the bored and retract an invite sent from the crew leader or a member of that crew.

Mass Mail

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