Crew Management

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Crew Management is where you can see specific details about your crew, and is an extremely useful tool for crew leaders, who can manage the specific details of their crew here. The basic outline of the front page gives you information about the name of your crew leader, right hand man, and left hand man. It also shows you the tax rates, pay day option, and total earnings from within the crew.


The first page to the Crew management menu is a list of members. If you're a crew leader, this is your page to manage the specifics about your crew and the people within it. There's a column that gives you a list of all the members in the crew and gives you a symbol of whether the individual has wack authorization, bg wack authorization, sponsorship rights, and whether that individual has their sponsorship icon on or off. If you click on the name, you can go see their profile or leave a note that can be seen by just yourself, or your right hand and left hand man.

Next to the name it shows the member's rank, along with how many units they currently have been accounted for. There will be a + next to the rank if that person is eligible for a promotion, which must be done manually.

Then it shows the location (city and district) of the member, earnings, days old, a date of the last time the member was active, and a date of the last time that member has sent up a tribute.

Past that information gives you a drop down box of actions that you may or may not use on the member. With this action option, you have the choice to do any of the following: Promotion/demotion, take gun/give gun, drop from crew, HQ wack (kill), transfer (for Godfathers only), mail, or give sponsorship rights.

Also on this page, and all the others, you may send out invites to members to join your crew.

Tax Rates

As a crew leader, you can set the tax rates for your family, or by each individual member. There's an option to set a default tax for the whole crew, or you can distribute the tax percentages as you see fit through particular members. You may set tax rates on petty, felony, organized crime, drug sell, and drug front property. Aside from setting taxes, you can see information on each member that regard the taxes, including the following: Total taxes paid, donations, cash from voting, and then the total from all the following categories. There is also a column that informs of you the last time that member has paid their taxes, along with a option to view all transaction history involving that member and their particular tax.




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