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Basic Information

The issuer picks between the following options:

1) Let a coin flip decide. (It randomly picks who gets the first shot) 2) I want to shoot first. 3) Let them shoot first. 4) We both shoot at the same time.

You do not need open timers to issue or an accept a duel. After the duel is over, your previous timers are restored.

You must be in the same city and have a gun to issue a challenge.

Once the duel is issued, all stats are recorded. It uses these stats, so anything you do after that point will not change the math. Buying 89013 bodyguards mid duel will not do anything. Having people shoot your opponents bodyguards mid duel will not do anything.

Since you are facing each other in the middle of the street, both knowing what is going to happen - there is no city bonuses or fort bonuses.

With the 4 different starting styles, 1 person will always die. If you choose to shoot at the same time, there is a chance that both of you are successful, and you will both die.

The challenge invitation will last 5 minutes, then time out. If it is not accepted in 5 minutes it will be automatically deleted. You do not need to respond to the invitation. When you accept the invitation, the duel will start within the next minute, shooting back and forth at ten second intervals until someone is dead.

In the event that both people have a 1% or less chance of hitting the other, that 1% will slowly increase on a per round basis to avoid excessive yawns.

If you wackback while dueling, it will just show as a fail with no other consequences.

First Duel in MR History

The first duel in MR history was between ClownShoes (better known as Goodfellas) and Tricky_Dick. The shot was decided by coin toss, Tricky_Dick won the toss and ClownShoes fell, forever being remembered for his bravery in being the first person in MR history to accept a duel invitation.