Event three

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Starting monday, all new RHM must be at least mademan or higher to be selected as a right hand man. The LHM position will require at least a wiseguy to qualify for that position as well. If the leader is a mademan themselves, there is no rank requirement for hands.

The out of game link between the hands and the crewleader is now severed. Our rules are being adjusted so that a CL is no longer liable (On the level of a DD) for the actions of their hands if said offense is done without their knowledge.

This is in relation to the ongoing conversation in the other forums about hands having a rank minimum. After reading many CLs come forward and say they do not trust their hand enough to take accountability for them, I can see how putting in a minimum requirement for a hand position would sometimes lead to a CL picking someone other than their first choice because of a game mechanic. In that case, I can see how a CL would employ a RHM that he would otherwise not really trust. Because of this, I feel that severing the tie between the accountability of the CL and their hands would now make sense. This change did not apply to the previous situation.

As far as reinstatement, in the past few debates, a few members argued successfully that reinstatement should not happen. I will reserve reinstatement to cases where it is fully warranted in cases like code error, or mistakes.