Frequently Asked Questions

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Hello and welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.
Here you will be able to find answers to the most frequently asked questions within MafiaReturns.


Q) How do I get a gun, and who can I shoot?
A) When you start your character, you will need to do 75 petty crimes to get a gun. To find out who you can and cannot shoot it is advised that you talk to your Crew Leader before shooting.

Q) What is the fastest way to level up?
A) The fastest way to level up is by breaking fellow players out of the jail.

Q) How do I get the Made Man promotion?
A) You can gain a Made Man promotion by achieving eleven days of age, having a minimum of twenty-five drug units and gain the trust and respect of your Crew Leader. (Made Man is a manual promotion, you must be promoted by your crew leader)

Q) How do I start a crew?

Q) Where do I start to make some money?"
A) You can start making money by navigating to the tab at the top of your page that is labeled "profit". From the drop down menu, you should start with petty crimes. Keep doing these until you unlock the next level of petty crime.

Q) Whats the best way to make lots of money?

Q) How do I mug people?
A) To mug someone they must have pick pocketed you first. You can mug someone by going through the process of pick pocketing them until you are displayed with a screen to either pick pocket or mug the person.

Q) What does it mean when I'm trying to wack someone and it says I can't find him? A) This means that the person you are trying to wack is in the same city as you, but they are in a different district within the city.