Getting Started

It can be quite the hassle learning how to navigate the world of Mafia Returns. There are so many buttons that do so many things which tends to become confusing to new players. With the assistance of this guide, created by Aislin, hopefully, you will be able to navigate and use the site and all its features to the fullest extent!

Creating A Character

On the Character creation page, you have two choices. You can choose to roll for your stats or you can choose to answer the questions provided to you by the admins. There are generally four different "types" of players you can be. You can be Pure Vision, Pure Wack, Pure Stealth, or a mixture of the three.

Pure Vision: You are able to see whose were and you will be able to give the exact locations of individuals, which is very useful in times of war and IA shooting.

Pure Wack: Pure Wack is important because of gun strength. If you have a powerful gun, you are untouchable or rather you are very hard to kill.

Pure Stealth: Pure Stealth is equally as important as the first two. Pure Stealth allows you to not be seen. You are able to pickpocket or shoot someone and remain anonymous or at least be highly unlikely to get caught.

Finding A Crew

Now that you have made a character the first thing you will want to do is find a crew. Nobody can get by alone on Mafia Returns and everybody needs a crew, you have to start somewhere right? A crew will give you many things. Protection, Comradery, access to money, and information. You can see a list of all crews on the [Crews] Page.

Making Money

Making money is easy because in the Mafia, crime pays and it pays well. There are quite a few ways to make money in the game. The four main are found under the PROFIT tab located on the menu.

The above crimes are fairly straight forward although you can click on each of them for more information.

You will fail your first few attempts at Petty Crime, but shortly after you will succeed. Also, you should start with the lowest petty crime (snatch a purse) and work your way up. Remember this, the first is always the easiest. It’s like level one in games. Felonies take 12 minutes to perform again. Organized crimes take a bit of getting used to, so you may fail, your first couple of times. OC’s take seven hours to try again. We can only do three OC’s a day.


Drug prices change every five minutes, so please be aware!

Reaching 20 Units

The first 20 units are the easiest you will ever earn, although now you've reached 20, you're gonna have to work your ass off for the next load! To help with gaining units you can either buy a Corrupt Agent (CA) or bribe an agent. A good idea is to bribe early rather than later. At a lower rank, bribe prices are a lot cheaper, the higher in rank you are the more the bribe will cost.

To bribe:

  • Go to News & Info Tips
  • Select 2nd Agent: "(Regular) FBN Agent" and REPEAT the process until the message on the screen has changed with the following words:

“You seem to understand how this relationship works. I'll be sure to spread the word that you're good for business.”

  • You will then be able to sell drugs to get any units you are due!

Personals & Witness Statements

Personals and Witness Statements can be found on the upper left-hand corner of the screen (The little devil with the pitchfork). Under News and Info Topic, in personals. You will upon occasion find witness statements. These statements are crimes that you have seen either attempted or successfully completed. They are usually scrambled, to try to make it harder for you to decipher who the shooter or person who committed the crime. As your rank increases so does your ability to “see”. You should always forward your witness statements to your CL and try to decipher who the attacker was and any attempts on you should be forwarded as well. If a CL is not online, you should send it to the highest-ranking member of the family structure online at the time.

Maxing Out Your Gun

If you've decided to train your gun then your start-up answers, when you first created your character ultimately defines how you will start training your gun. On some rolls/answers, you will not have any trains to do, but on others, you will. It would then goes as follows:

If your gun is not yet maxed out (for example, you can still train at the range and have access to unlimited MIAs). Then count each kill towards your number of ranges rather than as an actual "kill". In effect, you should only start counting your kills once you have maxed out your gun. You're maxed when your contracts are no longer unlimited.

For example: Let's say you have trained at the range 10 times and have killed 7 inactives, but you do not yet have a maxed-out weapon. On your shot report, count this as 17 ranges rather than 10 ranges and 7 kills. If you range 15 times, then kill 4 inactives at which point you max out, then kill another 3 inactives, your shot record would read as 19 ranges and 3 kills.


So you've maxed out your gun and you think you're ready to kill. Wacking requires a high-level skill and takes a lot of training to succeed at. In fact, it is very easy to die from just attempting it. It is certainly not for everyone. Once you have maxed your gun you will need to message your HSL (hit squad leader) listed in your Family Structure for further guidance. She/He will then take you through the steps of everything from there. Never shoot at an actual player in any situation unless you have been instructed to do so by the upper structure.

Wack Stats

  • MIA/RIA/Sponsored Kills all give you a +1
  • BG Kills give you a + .50
  • BG Wounds give you +.25

Also important to know, sometimes when you kill BGs on a person who has multiple BGs it might say "you killed 6 bodyguards and wounded 1 more" anytime you see any multiples like that always know it still counts as .50, even if it says you killed 10 BGs on one shot it's still +.50.

If your gun is maxed, then any kills you get from now on go to your wack stat. Keep in mind though your total kills DO NOT EQUAL your wack stat. For example, let’s say you have 20 kills, 10 BG kills, and 4 BG Wounds. That is equal to 34 kills (20+10+4) HOWEVER it's equivalent to a wack stat of 26 and here's how:

20 kills = +20

10 bg kills = +5 (10 x .5)

4 bg wounds = 1 (4 x .25)

26 wack stat NOTE: These are *ROUGH* estimates, and you should *always* defer to your CL or HSL to learn more information about this.

Pick Pocketing

First, you should check your family’s current rules on pickpocketing. Once you are clear about who you can or cannot pickpocket (if you are in any doubt, ask!) go to profit pickpocket enter the "victim's" name and attempt the pickpocket. Pickpocketing runs on a 60minute timer.

Trying people closer to your own rank and avoiding people with lots of bodyguards will increase your chances of success. Always ensure you check the person's profile first. If you Pick the Pockets of someone who is NOT PP FRIENDLY or has nothing stated in their profile, there is a chance they can Mug you for up to 90% of your on-hand cash, as well as the possibility of them taking your gun.

Jail Breaking

Jailbreaking is a skill that does not require you to train and depending on your character's "built in" skills and weaknesses, you will find that some will require you to put more work into it, than others. The jail is located under the Action tab, but if you have timers it is located on the timers bar (click the J). Always start trying to bust out individuals with 0 guards and once you are able to do those without fail it is time to move up. Try 1 and 2 guards and repeat and before you know it you will be in the twenties.

Starting a jail lockdown

You can launch a Jail in one of a few ways. You can launch a full jail (1 credit) via this page, or half of a jail (.5 credit) via this page. You may also visit the jail page directly - - and "chip in" towards the Lockdown using partial credits (.25, .5, .75)

If there are no Credits purchasable in the Marketplace to use for these, you may also launch a jail by spending $525,000 in-game cash.

Developing and using your Jail Breaking skill is one of the single most rewarding ways to accelerate your progress in terms of character experience.

Role Playing

Role-Playing Your character is a mobster based in the prohibition period of the United States (circa 1920-30s). The streets and business districts of each city are for role-playing only. Keep in mind the era that we are in, the mob, and how you want to portray your character when posting. You cannot reference things such as cellphones, the slang of the 21 century, and things that have not yet happened. The HQ forum tends to have both in character and out-of-character components to it. Post as you see fit. OOC (out of character), Outside, and Help forums do not need to be in character and you can speak of the game and not have to role-play here. Streets and Business District Forums are strictly in character role-play only. Roleplay is an art. It is what this entire world was founded on and many people take it very seriously!

It can be a difficult skill to develop and there are some remarkable practitioners of it active in our world. There are many ways to develop your skill and confidence with RP and the various elements of public speaking. As with anything else, do not be afraid to ask for help. We will do all we can to help. A lot of people tend to start by posting in bars in the various city Business District forums. As you get more comfortable with the format, style, and interplay of the varied participants, it can be natural to move outward towards the Streets forum and the community at large.

If you want to get a feel for the whole side of this world, just read, read, read! Note By roleplaying in the Streets and in the Business District forum you can in fact increase your vision of how many mobsters you see in the locals. However, always remember what you say outside of your family is a direct representation of your family. So, be respectful at all times! You do not have to agree with what someone else says, but you must remain respectful at all times. Possible consequences for disrespect: No promo, demoted, and shot if the situation was truly bad.


Using IRC is very helpful. Not only in the getting to know one another way but also very handy in helping us in times of need such as wars or other issues. It can also be a quick way to get hold of your family's administration in times of need. It's understood that not everyone can use IRC however and so on but for those of you who can feel free to join your family's IRC channel.

Important note about IRC (aka Coffeeshops): Your behavior here represents your family. Do not discuss things such as guns or get hostile. If you have a problem there then contact one of your upper structures for guidance.

Credit to R2D2 for assistance with the guide