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IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, is the quickest and easiest way to chat with friends, people in your family, and other people in the Mafia Returns community.

Mibbit is the supported browser based IRC client of Mafia Returns. You can access it via the "Chat" menu on Mafia Returns or at .

There are many downloadable clients. The suggested ones for Windows machines are mIRC, XChat, and IceChat although there are many others you may consider. The suggested clients for Linux/Unix machines are IRCII and XChat. Free clients for Apple computers are Colloquy 2.x and X-Chat Aqua 0.x. You can also find other clients using Google or .

If you require help while using the Mafia Returns network to access the Mafia Returns chat you can usually find it in #Help. You can also access nickserv, chanserv, memoserv, and botserv help by using the following commands:

/ns help

/chanserv help

/msg memorserv help

/botserv help

Connecting to various IRC clients

  • Mibbit - Once you have clicked on the mibbit tab, simply type in your nick and password and press the connect button. You will automatically join your family chat room, plus the game-wide chat room, #DivineLunacy.

  • XChat - As XChat is an opensource IRC client it can be found in many different "flavors". This is a simple "How to Connect to IRC" guide.

The suggested locations for downloads are: Official Release (Pay for Windows use)

Unofficial Release (Totally free for Windows and reliable)

After installing the software you can add the Mafia Returns network to the list of provided servers by opening the "Network List" window under the "XChat" menu and following the steps listed below:

1) Enter your information. This information will become your ident, Nickname, and real name people can see when looking at your information (whois) on IRC and when you join a channel so keep it clean.

2) Click the "Add" button.

3) Type in "MafiaReturns" then press Enter.

4) Select "MafiaReturns" then click "Edit".

5) Double click "newserver/6667" and enter

6) You can add your "favorite" channels in this window as well. Use the following format: "#channel1,#channel2,#channel3"

7) You may also set up your auto-identify here, just enter the password you used when you registered your name on MafiaReturns with nickserv. If you haven't done so already, then do so as soon as possible using the following command when connected to Mafia Returns IRC (Make sure you are using the nickname you wish to register.):

/ns register yourpasswordhere

8)XChat has software help provided within the client. Please use that for any other features you may be interested in.

Registering your nick

In order to make a nick your own, so that only you can use it, you will need to register said nickname. It is rather simple to do so, simply type /ns register password email

For example: /ns register Gokuistheshit

Choose a password you will remember and that is at least five characters long, and just use the email address you used to create your game account.

If you use more than one nick on a regular basis you can also group your nicks together by using the following command: /ns group.

To use this command you must first have your main nick registered using the above command, and you should currently be using your second nick. Once you have done the above you need to type the following command: /ns group *MainNick* *MainNick'sPassword*

So in full it would be:

/ns group Gokuistheshit password123

After this you will be able to use both nicks without having to identify yourself each time you log on either nick.

Basic Commands

/join #channel - Joins channel

/part - leaves channel

/nick new-nickname - changes your nickname

/whois target-nickname - Gets information on that nickname

/me does something - creates action text (ie: /me slaps Mako - Whitey slaps Mako)

Mafia Returns Notification Link

By going to Your IRC Nicks you can link your in game account to your IRC account. This will allow certain notifications to be PM'd to you via the mafiareturns bot.