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==Current Mafia Returns Events & News==
==Current Mafia Returns Events & News==
*[[Event_one|BlackBlack's Poker Tournament - July 27th - 14:00]]
*[[Event_one|BlackBlack's Poker Tournament - July 27th - 14:00]]
*[[Event_two|GAME CHANGE: CLs keep their city clean]]
*[[Event_two|BlackBlack's Poker Tournament - July 27th - 14:00]]
*[[Event_three|GAME CHANGE: Credit promo code expiration]]
*[[Event_three|GAME CHANGE: CLs keep their city clean]]
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Current Mafia Returns Events & News


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Join us and Play Mafia Returns. The single most complete and open-ended Mafia Based Progressive Role Playing game on the net! Destroy your enemies, strengthen your friends. Build or destroy dynasties with the click of a mouse. The power is truly in your hands.


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