Payroll Management

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Payroll Management is a quick shortcut to a menu that will provide you with a payroll category, purpose, quantity owned, quick actions, and management for the following: Bodyguards, FBN Agents (Corrupt Agents), and Drug Front Properties.


On the Payroll Management board you can find a category for your bodyguards that might be useful knowledge, and easily accessed. It informs you that bodyguards are hired muscle that will provide you protection against attackers. In this menu it will also let you see how many bodyguards you currently own and provides you with a management link that you may click to further manage your bodyguards. There is also the option to hire more bodyguards, although it will take you to a more detailed menu for the purchase of more bodyguards.

More details about BG Management can be found in that appropriate section of the wiki.

FBN Agent

Also on the Payroll Management you will see options for your Corrupt Agents as well. It will inform you the tasks of what a FBN Agent does, which includes: Providing drug assistance, jail assistance, and generates income through selling cocaine that is provided as a daily tribute. From this menu there is also the option to hire yourself a FBN Agent, and you're only allowed two at a time. You may also quack action your FBN Agents on this screeb with the Manage/Sell Drugs option to sell your tribute cocaine, fire your FBN Agent, or tell him to "back off". The back off option will allow you to travel without being followed by your FBN Agent in the locals, but you will have to go to their present locaation after that to make them follow you again.

More details about [Corrupt Agent] can be found in that appropriate section of the wiki.

Drug Front Property

You may use the Payroll Management menu for further detail about your Drug Front Property (DFP), if you own one or in the search of obtaining one for yourself. It gives you a rundown about Drug Fronts are all about, letting you know it is an undercover drug creation factor that produces drugs to be sold for profit. What sort of drugs you can produce from your Drug Front relies on the rank you bought the DFP, or updated it to. You are only allowed to own one DFP, and if you do own one, you can manage that property through this menu.

More details about Drug Front Property can be found in that appropriate section of the wiki.

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