Credits Give Away

There are a number of ways to gain credits within MafiaReturns. One of the more uncommon ways is by taking part in a Credit Give Away. These are first come, first served events and happen at random times.

A Credit Give Away is when the game sends out a URL that will allow the first person to redeem a number of credits. These URL's can be found on MafiaReturns IRC or on the MafiaReturns Facebook page. Credit give away's will also either be available to the whole game or to a specific city.

Example IRC game wide Notification: "<~MafiaReturns> 1 Credit give away! Check MafiaReturns Facebook page for details!"

Example IRC city specific Notification: <~MafiaReturns> Philadelphia only credit give away! **Link**

Example Facebook Notification: "Credit Give Away! be the first to claim this code for 1 FREE credit! **Link**"

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