Grave Robbing

The grave robbing page allows you to steal the contents of a player's final resting place and fence it for cash. This will net somewhere between $500 and $15,000 for the grave robber, which depends on the wealth and rank of the deceased. This action is available only to players below the rank of Made Man. Higher ranking individuals no longer have access to this feature.

Grave robbing uses the Pickpocket timer and can be performed once every hour. The target of a grave robbing must have been be deceased for a period of at least 24 hours before a grave robbing may be attempted. Further, the grave robber must be located in the city in which the target died, but attempts while located in the wrong city will not consume the pickpocket timer. Finally, a grave may only be robbed once.

No witness statements are generated for grave robbing attempts, whether or not successful. The only way for a player to know whether they have been grave robbed, or by whom, is for another player to admit to the act.

It is rumored that grave robbing will provide substantial gains to Pickpocket skills and experience points. Your PickPocket Perk will also trigger grave robbing adrenaline rushes.