Basic Information

MIAs (Made In-actives), are characters that you spawn solely to shoot and train your gun. These MIAs are bought only through credits. When you confirm the purchase of an MIA, you will be given the name of a target in your city. Such MIA spawns usually take about 2-5 minutes to turn into a Gangster, and that is when they can be killed.

How to Spawn an MIA

  • Go to Actions -> Take on a Contract.
  • Your credit balance and the number of contracts you are eligible to take is displayed in this page. The message will be displayed as:
"You are eligible to fill X more contracts."
  • Note: Until your gun is 'maxed,' you can take on unlimited contracts. But when you are maxed, you are eligible for 4 contracts every two days. These numbers do not get added up. So no matter how many days you don't use up your contracts, the number will stop accumulating at 4.
  • The cost of an MIA is always 1 credit. Click on Spawn IA to initiate the creation of the MIA.
  • There will be a confirmation message, in which you will have to click on the Confirm button to spawn the IA.

Rules Regarding MIAs

  • Mafia Returns does not officially enforce any rules with regard to the targeting of MIAs.
  • It is a player-enforced rule that the person who spawns the MIA has a period of time - 10 minutes - in which to kill the spawn
    • After that period of time has elapsed, the MIA is considered fair game for everyone.
    • Please Note: As this is a player-enforced rule, it can change at any point of time.

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