This page provides a history of events that involve your character. This page can be accessed by clicking the "Tiny Demon" logo in the top left corner, or through the menu (News & Info -> Personal Events). The "events" are divided into 15 categories. The "ALL" tag includes all categories except Rewards. Some of this information expires rather quickly, so if you want to save any of your personals, it is wise to make a copy of said personals as soon as possible.

In addition to this, if you possess Corrupt Agents, you are also able to use the drop down menu and click on their name to view their personal events.

Personal events can be deleted singularly, or in a multiple format. Deleted events can be viewed in “trash”.


If you are the target of a Wack or BG Wack, that information are recorded here.


If you attempt to Wack or successfully Wack another character, the information will be placed here.

BG Wack

If you attempt, injure, or kill a character’s bodyguard(s) (BG Wack), the information will be placed here.

HQ Attack

If you attack another person’s HQ fortification (attack HQ), the information will be placed here.


If you pickpocket or someone pickpockets you, that information are recorded here.


If you have requested either Wack, or BG Wack authorization, the outcome of the decision will be placed here.


Financial transactions between players are recorded here.


If you have been privileged enough to posses Corrupt Agents, the information ascertaining to their drug deals will be placed here.


Witness statements for attacks, attempted attacks, pickpockets and muggings are placed here. The names are usually scrambled, and for successful wacks, depending on the perpetrator's stealth level, there is a high chance of the name containing asterixis where certain letters should be. Also, if a player chooses the option, you can also witness the last words from the assailant towards a victim.


When you purchase Tips, that information will be available to you after purchase under this category.


When you vote for the site, you receive rewards. Those rewards are stored here (but expire after some time).


Credit transactions, both buying and selling through the Marketplace are recorded here.

Organized Crimes

All notifications pertaining to Organized Crimes will be displayed here (but expire after some time). This includes incoming invitations, notifications that someone have accepted your crime invitation, and the results of recent crimes you’ve taken part in.


When you have successfully completed an achievement, a notification will appear here to state what achievements you have completed, and what you have been awarded.


Shooting range attendance, gun acquisitions, all types of invites, and information concerning credit perks will be recorded here.