Shooting Range

General Information

When people first start out on MR, the shooting range is where they go to train their gun. Although it is possible to kill low level targets even without such training, it is usually advisable to train at the range. After a certain point though, you will get a message that the shooting range has 'nothing more to offer you,' and you'll have to progress your skills simply by killing targets.

Cost and Location

  • The cost of the shooting range increases as you increase in rank (See below). It is best to train while in the lower ranks, as it will prove less expensive for you.
  • To access the shooting range, go to Actions -> Shooting Range. When the Shooting Range page opens up, you will find the Train Gun! button which you can click on to train your gun. Right next to that button, the cost to train your gun at that rank will be displayed. You will have to have the required money on hand, it will not be deducted from your bank account.
  • You may only train your gun once every eight hours until you cant train anymore.

Cost Table

Rank Cost
Civilian Cannot Train
Petty Thief Cannot Train
Thug 50,000
Gangster 75,000
Goomba 100,000
Earner 125,000
Wise Guy 150,000
Made Man 175,000
Capo 200,000
Boss 225,000
Consigliere 250,000
Don 275,000
Godfather 300,000