The Airport is where you can travel between the 6 different cities in Mafia Returns. The most frequent reason for flying is to benefit from drug trade, but other reasons could also involve finding a specific target to murder or even benefit from the added security of the home town. You must wait a few hours to be able to fly again to a different city. The flight is instantaneous; that is, there is no time you need to wait to resume your activities after taking off.

The cost of a flight depends on the distance traveled but for an active player, the only difference in cost that is worth noting is when taking a long distance flight (explained below). The cost of all flights also increase with the level of protection or amount of bodyguards. The rationale is that you are taking your security staff with you wherever you go so you need to pay for their airfare.

Long Distance Flights

Some flights are considered to be 'Long Distance Flights' These flights are simply the flights between Las Vegas/Los Angeles to New York/Philadelphia (from coast to coast). These flights are more expensive and when you use them it will take you twelve hours to fly again.

Private flights

In case of an emergency, whenever you are within one hour to be able to fly, you have the choice of taking a private flight. But this option is extremely costly.