The TylerDurden gang shows up every once in a while, they are a fun way to improve your shooting skills. The frequency of their arrival depends on a certain amount of MIAs purchased. The size of the crew is related to the amount of people active at the time of their arrival. Every once in a while, in certain events or celebrations they can arrive in the hundreds even!

Their level of protection is random so some of them will be very easy to kill but not others. As a general rule, a member of this crew will be easier to kill than a regular active player of the same rank.

Now With Duct tape

During the Tyler invasions, he will dedicate some members of his crew to maintain the integrity of their HQ's fortifications. It's a losing battle though, it will always eventually fall.

TylerDurden, MarlaSinger, and RobertPaulson

These three can only die once all of the other members of the crew have died. They also die in the specific order of lower rank first. They are considerably difficult to shoot and should only be attempted with a well-trained gun.


All members of the Durden crew NPC return fire! So, if you attempt to kill them and fail - they will try to kill you!