The forums are where the majority of the community comes together to interact in both game related and unrelated discussions. Some forums are 'In-Character' this means you must post as your character. Some are 'Out of Character' meaning you can post as yourself not your character. Posting in In-Character forums (Streets, Business Districts) increase your Vision.

Tagging Users

You can cause a personal to be sent to other players when you mention them in a forum post by putting an @ in front of their name, for example:

@Vaelin_Al_Sorna made a good, small suggestion so we added to the game.

Be sure to note that the person\people you mention will receive a personal with a direct link to the new post. The name in the post will be turned into a link to the characters profile. The character name must be spelled correctly but capitalization does not matter. This also works in the subject of a new thread but it will not create a link out of the name. You may mention more than one person in a post\subject. This will not work in Back Alley threads for security reasons. When used in your crews HQ, only members of your crew will be notified and it will not work on Corrupt Agents.

Latest Threads

The Latest Threads forums is where you can see the latest threads that have been made / posted in within the following forum sections: Announcements, The Streets, OOC, Help, Suggestions, Outside, Business District and your HQ forum.


The Streets Forum is where your character comes to life in-game. It is the major role-playing forum of the game. This is where you live out your Mafia lifestyle in words. As the game is set between 1920 and 1940 it is suggested that you keep your content to this era and, of course, Mafia-related. It is suggested that you do not refer to your "real life" in any way instead refer to your Mafia experiences. Everything should be written as your character would see it, do it, taste it, or feel it. You are not "you" here, you are your character. Debates, stories, in-character announcements, and interactive role plays belong here. How you express yourself is up to you as long as it follows the acceptable guidelines of the game.

Out Of Character

The Out Of Character(OOC) forum is for out of character dialogue that references in-game matters. The OOC forum is the ideal location for debates (of an out of character nature), stories that deal with the mafia or this game, and OOC announcements as long as they deal with Mafia Returns and the contents of the game. Players are also known to post requests for new profile pictures and contests here.


The Outside forum is for out of character dialogue that does not reference in-game topics. This includes video games, current events, music, and similar topics. It is for open discussion among players about topics that interest the posters and readers. It is not to be used to advertise, post nonsense, or attack players. If you aren't sure if your post belongs in the OOC or Outside forum, simply ask yourself "Does my thread contain content specific to Mafia Returns?" If so, post in OOC. If not, post in Outside.

Business District

The Business District (BD) forum is the secondary forum for in-character interaction. It is the place where players create establishments such as bars, shops, casinos, brothels, speakeasies and businesses of the like. This section of the site is specific to individual cities (if you post your Business thread in Philadelphia, it will only be available to players IN Philadelphia). Because of the city-specific nature of these forums, these are traditionally "owned" by the crews belonging to the respective city. Activity in this forum is encouraged, but it is wise to check the City Rules about setting up a business in a foreign city.

News & Announcements

This is where game changes, updates, official competitions, credit sales, and any other manner of official Mafia Returns announcements will be posted. The Administration uses this forum to communicate with the players.

Back Alley

The Back Alley is your private forum. You can do what you wish with this forum from using it as a 'pre-post' run to see how your formatting will appear, to hosting private meetings in game. You can choose to keep the dialogue in-character or out of character, and the subject matter, in game or real life.


The HQ forum and its tone are dictated by the crew leader. This is where your fellow family and crew members will interact with each other in a private environment. Crew Structures, crew rules, instructional material, and other crew related topics are discussed here.


The Help forum is for player questions about game features and play. It should be used after consulting the Tutorial under the Help menu, this Wiki, and if possible, HelpDesk or a game Assistant. It should also be noted that the title of the thread in the help forum should reference the problem and not be generic like "Please Help" or "Having Issues".


The Suggestions forum is for player suggestions for new features, deletion of old features, or modification of existing features. Suggestions should be well written, thorough, and presented in such a way as to show a clear advantage to game play and advancement of the site. The amount of effort you put into explaining your suggestion will have an impact on how it is received by the community.

When posting game suggestions please do not put your idea in the topic and say "I think the topic speaks for itself". Put some thought into your suggestion by asking yourself some simple questions first..

What is your idea?

Has your idea already been suggested in some form or another before? (Check the Suggestions forum for past threads with ideas the same or similar to yours.)

What does your idea entail?

How can your idea be successfully implemented into the game as it stands?

What major changes would be needed to make your idea work?

What is the positive impact of your idea?

What is the negative impact of your idea?

How may your idea affect the rest of the players?

Include the answers to these questions in your thread. When replying to a suggestion please try to keep it positive.

Player Commission

The Player Commission forum is where you can view the votes and discussions of the Player Commission on suggestions and changes made to the game. If you are not in the PC you cannot post in this thread.

Note: Threads and posts that do not conform to the above general guidelines will be moved to the proper forum or deleted entirely. In some cases the original poster and subsequent players replying may be penalized if the thread is deleted or moved.

Any questions on the posting policy should be forwarded to HelpDesk and will be responded to in a timely fashion.

Always remember that in these forums you are expected to follow the Posting Guidelines, Site Rules , and Roleplaying Guide.