The local listings page will primarily inform you alphabetically of which users are currently in the same district as yourself, the start date of their character and the current district you all reside in. However, if you click on the ‘click here to see all districts in….’ text, then the list will expand to all of the users in the city. The users will again be listed alphabetically with regards to their user name, following that will be the character’s start date and what district they currently reside in.

If a member is currently online and you have the Timer Package, their username will be presented in a bold text with an “[A]”. If the member is currently offline or you do not have a Timer Package, their username will be presented in a normal text.

In addition to this, the amount of usernames seen can vary from person to person in accordance to a character’s vision stats.

If you would like a copy of the cities locals, then whilst in the browser window, either press CTRL+C or click on the “click here to copy locals” hyperlink. Once you have done this, a pop up box with your locals should appear on your screen. This pop up box enables you to copy and paste using Commas (ideal for when posting in game), or using tabs (ideal for when posting into spreadsheets).