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Players can spend credits on MafiaReturns for various perks that are tied to the master account. These perks generally last 30 days per purchase, but can be bought in advance prior to expiration and the time will be stacked. These perks are tied to the master account and not to the character; in the event of death any time remaining on perks will carry over to the next character created.

Timers Package

The Timers Package costs 5 credits, and grants a variety of items that make playing the game easier.

  • Attack/Petty/Felony/Jail/Flight/Alt timers: The game will notify you when you are eligible to do your next action.


C: Custom
P: Petty
F: Felony
T: Travel (city)
t: Travel (district)
A: Attack
Pp: Pickpocket
J: Jail
  • Jail Stats Display: Displays how many jails you have done recently and what XP tier you are currently in.


  • Western Union Money From Any City: Transfer money to your central bank from any location.

When a player is granted the ability to become a sponsor, the taxes generated from associates will be automatically deposited in a city-specific bank account. The Western Union Transfer allows for these funds to be sent to the Federal account, which can be accessed in any location. Normally, city accounts can only be accessed if the player is in the same city as the account.

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    An active player in the locals
    Informative Locals: Online players are displayed in bold for easier identification and tracking. Displays number of TylerDurdens that are currently in your location.

In the Locals page, online players who can be seen will be shown in bold, along with '[A]' beside their name. If there are any TylerDurden NPCs in your current city, at the bottom of page they will be mentioned, "You have tabs on __ of __ Durdens".

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    Drug related additions from the Timers Package
    City & Drug Specific Tips: Maximize your profit by checking on prices before you fly. Get tips by city or by a specific drug.

In addition to city and drug specific tips (cost of tips increase as you gain more drug units), the timers package also includes a 'Quick Buy' function on the drugs page, which allows players to instantly sell any drugs they possess and purchase a full load of the drug they selected to buy. The timers package also shows the current Minimum/Maximum and Average drug prices for each drug, grouped into city pairs (CH\DT and NY\PH).

  • Search Forums: Search the forums to find matching threads.
  • Profile Notes: Save personal notes on each characters profile.

Full Lockdown

  • Bribe the police to do a major crackdown and fill the jail of a particular city with hoodlums. You can then bust people out of jail to better your skills and gain experience points. You can purchase a large or a small crackdown.

A lockdown can be purchased for any city, a full lockdown can be bought for 1 credit, and a partial can be bought for 0.5. The total amount of people to be thrown into jail is displayed on the spend page, and can vary. Purchasing a full lockdown also grants your account the ability to be immediately released from jail if you fail a jailbreak.

From the jail page, you may now put in credits towards the next jail. This is done in increments of 25 cents and when the pool hits $1.00, then the jail will commence like normal.

Corrupt Agent

Corrupt Agents can be purchased at a cost 10 credits each, and players are limited to two active agents at any given time. When purchased, they can be accessed through the payroll.

  • Bribing a corrupt agent will get them to do your dirty work. He will give you drugs to resell at a severely discounted price, plus any drug seizures he gets, you get a little on the side.

Drugs are purchased from the agent at $4,500 each, the cost will be subtracted automatically from the selling transaction, which is based on the current price of cocaine in the present district. The formula for the units is 2(d)+ 10 where d is the amount of days active. Every 24 hours drug batches would be produced as 12, 14, 16, 18...

  • His official connections at work will also keep you from going to jail from failed jail breaks, as well as occasionally benefit your family members too.
  • After 1 month, his corruption is discovered and he is forced to retire.
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    A retiring agent notification

Agents will last 31 days before forcibly dying; 24 hours before an agent will die the player will receive a notification as a reminder.

Rename a Corrupt Agent

This option costs 1 credit and lasts for the remainder of their lifetime.

  • Rename one of your Corrupt Agents to a name of your choice.
  • Also allows you to upload a profile picture and set the Agent's quote.


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A perk being activated
Perks cost 1 credit each and last for 30 days. If the perk is active, it grants between a 5-10% chance of not using the player's cooldown timer when doing the action it covers, allowing the player to repeat the action.
  • Petty Proficiency Perk - Execute the perfect crime. Gives you a 10% chance to not have your timer used when you do a petty crime. You are instantly able to do another.
  • Felony Proficiency Perk - Execute the perfect crime. Gives you a 10% chance to not have your timer used when you do a felony crime. You are instantly able to do another.
  • Attack Proficiency Perk - Execute the perfect attack. Gives you a 5% chance to not have your timer used when you do an attack crime. You are instantly able to do another.
  • Bodyguard Cleanup Perk - Clean up useless bodyguards. Gives you a 10% chance to not have your timer used when you attempt to attack a bodyguard who's employer is dead. You are instantly able to do another.
  • Jail Proficiency Perk - Execute the perfect crime. Gives you a 5% chance to not have your timer used when you do a jail break. You are instantly able to do another.
  • Travel Timer Perk - Gives you a 5% chance to not have your timer used when you travel to another city. You are instantly able to do another.

Promotional Perks

Promotional perks cannot be bought with credits, they are either awarded from the administrators, or can be randomly granted by receiving gifts for being online.

Randomly granted gifts can award any perk, but these will only last 3 days. It is also possible for the gift to be a Pick Pocket Perk, which cannot be purchased through normal means

  • Pick Pocket Perk - Gives you a 10% chance to not have your timer used when you pick pocket. You are instantly able to do another.
  • Durden Mapping - Allows you to track the Durden gang.
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    The notification that a Durden Mapping credit has been issued

Durden Mapping shows all of the unprotected TylerDurden NPCs, and their respective locations. When the mapping token is activated, it lasts until the next incarnation of TylerDurden is killed. Mapping tokens can also be awarded by being the last five people to purchase an MIA prior to a scheduled TylerDurden spawn.

  • Achievement Reveal - Allows you to see your progress on your achievement.

Certain achievements on MafiaReturns require the player to do a certain amount of actions in each possible city (Example: 50 Felonies in each city). Achievement Reveal costs 1 credit on the achievements page, and reveals the weakest city for every city-based achievement. This perk lasts only for a few minutes

  • DFP Stacking - Allows you to bribe your DFP for up to 7 days.
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    A Drug Front Property affected by DFP Stacking

The purpose of DFP stacking is to allow more buffer time between bribes, lessening the chance that a player would lose their DFP due to failure to bribe. When bribing for a DFP, the timer is still extended by 2 days, but the capacity of the timer is extended to 7 days. This perk lasts for 60 days each when awarded.

Armory Access

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The Armory
Armory access costs 5 credits, but affects the entire crew of the purchaser. If someone desires a gun but does not wish to do the required petty crimes to obtain it, the player may instead opt to take a gun from the armory (the amount available varies upon how many people deposit their gun into the armory). Withdrawing a gun from the armory costs 1 credit. Players may also deposit their gun into the armory, so that another player may take it.

Reserve a Character Name

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Reserving a character names costs 3 credits, and is tied to the master account. Paying it allows the player to use the reserved name for renaming a Corrupt Agent or a new character after death. There is no limit the amount of reserved names, and the reservation is permanent until the player manually deletes it. The names are not case sensitive. If the name is currently in use, it cannot be reserved unless the player is the one using that name. If a user of a reserved name dies, the name cannot be used until the deceased character is removed from the system. Character removal usually occurs about a month after said character's death.

If you have more than 500 hours played on your character you will receive a free one year reservation of the name. If you happen to still be alive at the end of that year, It is given after your character dies and will last for one year from that point. You may purchase a normal, non-expiring reservation of that name at any time.

Also, a small change, if you are currently using a reserved name, you may not delete the reservation of that name.

Forum VIP Status

  • Forum VIP Status - Highlights your name on thread listings and posts, and is colored by home city.

Forum VIP status costs 2.50 credits, and highlights your name when making forum posts according to your Home City. The city with the highest quality rank for posts made by VIP users is granted perks; this perk is currently being told the name of a targetable TylerDurden NPC member that is located in the same city as the VIP is presently.

Buy Credit Codes

This allows you to purchase the codes that are normally given out randomly through IRC or Facebook. You have the option to decide how many credits the codes are worth, how many codes and whether it can be redeemed by anybody or only members of a specific city.

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