Search for Drug Deals

Drugs found in the Search For Drugs page are those produced by Drug Front Property owners. This is why the cost of the drugs is high, however if the local dealer is selling for a higher rate than the DFP owner then there is still profit to be made, selling drugs is a good way to gain XP so you should always take the deal if it involves even a small profit.

You must purchase the maximum which you can hold, if you can hold 20 units and the DFP owner is selling 20 units or more, then you can only purchase these drugs if you can afford the 20 units. You may repeat a purchase as often as possible, if the DFP owner is selling 60 units and you can hold 20, then you can buy 20 and sell to the local dealer then return to the DFP owner and buy another 20 units, just be cautious that the local dealers price hasn't changed or you could be stuck with high value drugs to sell.