This will bring you to a page very similar to your regular profile, however, you will have some additional options.

  • Profile Picture - You are able to change your profile picture.
The requirements for profile pictures are as follows:
- Max file size is 8 megabytes.
- Allows .bmp, .jpg, .png, .gif, animated .gif.
- Once you select the picture you will be given the opportunity to crop and resize it.
  • Earnings - Your earnings for your current crew leader are visible. If you change crews at any point, the earnings will restart from scratch.
  • Referral Link -You are able to access your referral link, which can be used when recruiting new players to the game. WHAT DO REFERRALS DO.
- Referral links look like this:
  • Prowess - This option becomes available at the rank of Wise Guy and shows you, using a percentage, how your activity compares to other players of the same rank as you.
  • Hours Played - Here you will find how many hours you have played in the last 24 hours as well as in the last week. It also provides you with total hours on your current character and total hours on all of your characters combined.
  • Access Facebook App - This will allow you to grant access to link your MR account to your Facebook account, which will occasionally post things from MR to your Facebook page, such as doing a successful Organized Crime.
  • Change Email - Forwards you to the page to change your email. More can be found on that here.
  • URL - Here you can set what will show in the URL page of your public profile.
  • Account Login History - Provides you with past successful and failed logins, as well as the following information:
- When the login occured
- Status: Whether it was successful or failed due to something like an incorrect password
- The IP Address your account was logged into from
- The Country of the IP address
- The State/Provinces of the IP address
- The City of the IP address
- ISP (Internet Service Provider)
- Host Mask
  • Loyalty - You have the options Loyal, Undecided and Disloyal. This effects one of your crew leaders' bonuses and 80% loyalty is required for them to get the full bonus. While Wise Guy or below your decision makes much less a difference than when you are Made Man or above.
  • Edit Profile - This is where you are able to customize your profile. You may add colored text, quotes, format the location and style of the font.
  • Roll stats or Answers - If you answered the questions when you created your character, then your answers will be in this section. If you rolled for your stats, then the percent you have of each of those stats will be listed instead.
  • Characters - You current and past characters are listed along with their total hours played.


This is where you can select which Achievements you have acquired you want to be viewable by the public. If an achievement is selected, then it will be able to be seen by anyone who wishes to. To see achievements, you go to someone's profile and select view in the achievement section.


Contacts allow you to create groups, into which you can then add any number of player's names. You may also create a group and then use the "Add My Crew" button to quickly add all of the members of the crew you are in.

Once a group is created, you may give each group a color and/or a symbol. Symbols range from things like $,% and & to city letters such as PH, NY, etc. More creative symbols are also available, such as smiley faces or foreign letters.

If you have multiple groups created and want to reorganize their order, then you may use the "Move Group Up" or "Move Group Down" options. These will move that specific group one space up or down.

Mobmail Ignore

This page provides you with two options:

-Ignore User
If you want to add a user to your ignore list so that you will not receive mobmails from them in the future.
-Remove User From Ignore List
If you are accidentally added someone to your ignore list or want to remove someone for whatever reason, use the remove button on the right side of their name.

Options - General

  • Allow OC Invites Options: On or Off
This effects whether or not you will be seen on the list when someone is trying to invite people to their organized crimes.
  • Always Blink On Personal Options: On or Off
When you receive a personal your indicator in the top left will blink until clicked on.
  • Block Popups By Default Options: On or Off
Use this to block popups, although it will not override your timer popups if they are enabled on the timer options page.
  • Disable Profile Pictures Options: On or Off
If you wish to remove all profile pictures and crew crest, then you may turn this on and they will be replaced by black boxes.
  • Editor Defaults: Automatic
    tags Options: On or Off
When editing your profile, if this is turned on you do not need to worry about entering
tags to create line breaks manually.
  • Editor Defaults: Enable HTML Options: On or Off
This decides whether or not HTML is enabled or not when editing your profile.
  • Editor Defaults: Enable WYSIWYG Options: On or Off
Allows you to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) when editing your profile. When enabled you are given access to a formatting tool at the top, which removes the need to know any coding when customizing your profile.
  • Editor Defaults: Enable WYSIWYG on mobile devices Options: On or Off
Allows to use WYSIWYG when editing your profile on mobile devices.
  • Enable The Custom Timer Options: On or Off
If you have timers, then you may use this to turn the custom timer on. This timer can be set to any number of minutes, or partial minutes, that you desire.
  • Last Words
A text box is provided for you to enter your "Last Words". These will be shown to your killer via a personals event when your character is killed.
  • Remove colors and styles from Profiles\Forums\Messages Options: On or Off
Similar to the profile picture option, you may use this option to remove all color and format from the text around the site and only see the standard font everywhere.
  • Sticky Menus\Timers Options: On or Off
  • Unsubscribe from Emails Options: On or Off
If you wish to no longer receive emails from Mafiareturns, then you may turn this option on.
  • Use Airport Dialog Options: On or Off
Enables a dialogue box to popup with the flight message after you travel.
  • Use Ajax BG Wack By Default Options: On or Off
AJAX BG Wack is the newer system for BG Wacking and allows for quicker refreshing on the page.

Options - Timers

On this page you are given a table with checkboxes to enable or disable certain features of your timers.

  • Enable
This option enables or disables timers altogether. If disabled they will not show up on the timer bar in the top right.
  • Dialog
This option effects the dialogue box that shows up after completing a petty, felony or travel via the popup boxes.
  • Popup
When your timer is ready, a box will popup allowing you to reuse that timer.
  • Color
If enabled, the timer will show up red on the timer bar. If disabled, it will show up gray.
  • Sound
When your timer is ready your game will make a sound to alert you.

The above options are available for the following timers:

- MIA Kill (M)
- Custom Timer (C)
- Petty\Work (P\W)
- Felony (F)
- Flight (T)
- Travel (t)
- Attack (A)
- Pickpocket (Pp)
- Jail (J)

IRC Nicknames

Once a nickname is registered on the IRC server, then it can be connected to your ingame account on this page.

Once you put in your nickname you will be given an activation code to put onto IRC. It will look something like this:

Code: 75654:IRCNAME:7364543b5a2763fa264ef9f1b4cd6fbd2587598c

After you activate it and connect your ingame account to your IRC account, you will be PMed by Mafiareturns, a bot, when certain things happen to your character in the game.

Reports IP Sharing

This allows you to report if you are sharing an IP with someone or may possible be sharing one with someone. If you do this, then it eliminates the possibility of being accidentally admin wacked because of suspected duping. All you need to do is enter your username, the other person's username and the reason for sharing. If you are unsure if someone else at your school or work plays, then just leave the User #2 space blank.

Reasons to Report IP Sharing:

- If you play from the same house as someone else
- If you play from public places, such as a college campus
- If you play from a corporate network, i.e your workplace

Change Password

If you want to change your password you may do it at any time just by putting your password into the Current Password box and entering your desired password in the New Password and Retype boxes.

Change/Verify Email

  • Change Email Address
- In order to update your email address you just need to enter the desired new email address and then retype it in the box below.
  • Verify Email Address
- Initially you will need to send a verification code to your email in order to verify it. You may do so from this page under the settings column. You will receive an email with the code shortly after requesting it.
- If you happen to change your email, you will receive a new verification email after updating it and until the new email is verified the change will not take place.


If you are interested in leaving your life of crime behind you, then all you need to do is enter your characters name into the box and hit the Retire/Suicide button.