Basic Game Control


The Profit tab in the basic menu offers access to most of the income-generating features of the game. These are your bread-and-butter game controls, used to generate income, gain experience, or complete achievements.

Under the Work category, Petty Crime, Felony Crime, and Organized Crime are simply timer-based character actions.

The Drugs category has two features; Drugs and Search for Drug Deals. In both feature, the objective is to buy low and sell high. For Drugs, the in-game market defines the prices at which you buy and sell. For Search for Drug Deals, you are buying drugs from other players' Drug Front Property.

The Gamble category is precisely that; gambling games. It features Slots, Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Dice, and the option to Block Gambling. These are the classic casino games and are available to anyone who has not yet blocked their own access to gambling.


The Actions tab provides access to attacking and training features. The attack features allow you to interact with others, and the training features increase your strength in those attacks. The base strength of the attack features is rooted in the Stat Roles on the signup page.

Attack offers the Wack, BG Wack, Hit List, Authorization, Attack HQ, and Dueling. When you form enemies, this is how you will strike them.

Train provides a myriad of features to increase your Stats by paying money or credits (and some time) in exchange for a small stat boost. Jail Breaking offer a way of rapidly increasing your ranking experience, Pickpocket is a way to snag up to $5,000 from a nearby player and increase your pocket picking skill, and Grave Robbing allows you to rifle through a dead man's coffin for up to $15,000. The Shooting Range and Take On A Contract features allow you to spend some money and a lot of time (Shooting Range) to train your gun, or a lot of money and a short time (Contract) to train your gun.

Travel allows you to move from one district or city to another. This feature is also available by clicking on your current location in the top left corner.