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Welcome to the Mafia Returns Wiki. This is a community-run wiki for the online browser based Mafia Role-Playing Game - Mafia Returns

Vandalism is not tolerated. Please register to start editing! Wiki registration is not required to play the game.


Play Mafia Returns

Join us and Play Mafia Returns. The single most complete and open-ended Mafia Based Progressive Role Playing game on the net! Destroy your enemies, strengthen your friends. Build or destroy dynasties with the click of a mouse. The power is truly in your hands.


Chat with us on IRC!
Connect to, channel #divinelunacy
or visit here for more details



Introduction to Mafia Returns  · Game Rules  · Getting Started  · Basic Game Control  · Frequently Asked Questions  · Glossary


Petty Crime  · Felony Crime  · Organized Crimes  · Drugs  · Search for Drug Deals  · Casino  · Lottery


Wack  · BG Wack  · Hit List  · Get Auth  · Attack HQ  · Dueling


Jails  · Pickpocket  · Grave Robbing  · Shooting Range  · Contract  · Rogues


Bank  · Drug Fronts  · Payroll Management  · Crew Management  · BG Management  · Settings


Credit Give Away · History Log  · Purchase  · Transfer  · Spend  · Marketplace  · Rewards


Achievements  · Gun Training  · Ranks  · Skills  · Stats  · Travel  · Witness Statements